FleetForce, a dynamic tech company striving to deliver simple solutions to the daily challenges of fuel theft and vehicle mismanagement.

our "solution as a service" program help customers stay ahead in market sectors we cover. we install computers and sensors on vehicles, earth moving equipment, generators and storage tanks to track, monitor and control their operation. using our solution, we provide the tools and know-how to convert raw data collected into usable information


  • transportation
  • housing
  • fuel storage
  • construction
  • telecommunication
  • industrial
  • mining
  • oil & gas
  • military

Solutions (real time information)

  • vehicle tracking & Speed
  • geofencing alerts
  • vehicle utilisation & Efficiency
  • vehicle & generator engine performance
  • Vehicle & generator maintenance alert
  • driver performance
  • tracking fuel level
  • tracking refuelling
  • tracking fuel consumption
  • tracking fuel theft & syphoning

our business philosophy is key. “provide customers with a good solution, generate accurate results, make it affordable and keep it simple.”